Thursday, February 26, 2009

Living Legacy Commemorative Jewelry

I create exclusive custom designed jewelry to commemorate the memory of a loved one who has departed. A portion of each sale is donated to the charity of the family's choice in the loved one's name. Please contact me directly if you are interested in having a piece or a line of jewelry designed for a departed loved one.

The idea for this all started with the passing of Helena Pippins in 2007. To read more, visit my on-line shop.

The photo you see to your right is Helena's Wings of Fire to honor her one year passing in November of 2008. These earrings are available for purchase on-line. Each pair is hand-made by me, blessed, and contains a short narrative about Helena and the symbology of the design.

All of my commemorative pieces are made with sacred intention for healing, love, light, and joy.
Each piece holds the precious memory of your loved one. It is something you can wear daily as a reminder which anchors their memory on the physical plane. These special pieces do get attention when worn. They give you the chance to share the story of who your loved one was in this life and what he or she meant to you. Telling the story is a large part of the healing process from grief and loss.

If you are interested in viewing or purchasing more of my commemorative pieces, please visit my on-line shop.

Healing Blessings!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Butterfly Princess

This beautiful creature is my one and only "butterfly princess." Her name is Asha which is an ancient Sanskrit name meaning hope and/or truth. She is 4 years and 8 months old going on 15! She loves all things that "sparkle." She even has a cat named Sparkle and a turtle named Flower. She really knows how to name her pets. She loves beading, tiaras, crowns, princess dresses and collecting natural stones, crystals, and oracle cards. She currently has her own Hawaiian Oracle Card Deck. She is always requesting custom pieces be made for her. I am currently designing a special piece to honor the preciousness of this magnificent soul which I will name Asha's Butterfly Dreams. Visit often or subscribe to this blog so that you can be one of the first to view and purchase this limited edition piece. It should be ready within the next week!

If you have a precious one in your life and would like a special piece designed exclusively for her or him, please contact me. I LOVE designing sweet little things for children. They are just so PRECIOUS!

I can't help it. I am a pre-school teacher at the moment at my daughter's school - The Greenwood School. I just love my little "Rose Garden" bloomers! They are all between 18 months and about 2.5 years old - little wee ones...but quite wise for their age. You would be surprised what they know and what can come out of their little mouths. They are so funny and just so sweet and naughty! I love it! Working with these wee ones just heals my inner child!

Share stories of your wee ones in the comments section of this post. I would love to hear about your precious ones.

Healing Blessings to your inner child!

Introduction: About Circle of Stones Jewelry

Thank you for visiting my blog site and learning more about Circle of Stones Jewelry!

Until I am able to re-design my website, I am hoping to use this blog site as my home base and to keep you informed of jewelry shows, events, my life as a jewelry artisan and designer, and the adventures of growing this business.

Circle of Stones Jewelry came into being in December of 2006. My business actually started in January of 2007. The name comes from a title to a book I read by Judith Durek called Circle of Stones...about women's struggle to find their voice, power and identity. I really resonated with her writings. They moved me as I was struggling at the time to find my own voice and place in this world. I've come a long way since that time.

I began Circle of Stones Jewelry with a focus on the metaphysical and spiritual qualities of the natural stones and gemstones I used in my designs. I designed custom peices for individuals that incorporated stones whose energies were beneficial to their life. All my creations are made with loving, healing and sacred intentions for the wearer whether they are made with natural stones, fabricated crystals, or metals. I found that customers were fascinated with the spiritual and energetic qualities of stones and would ask specially for stones that "protected" them or brought them "abundance" and "prosperity" or attracted "romantic love" into their lives. I had such fun suggesting stones and designing specific pieces for clients. This is the heart purpose of Circle of Stones Jewelry - to create sacred pieces that have purpose and meaning to those who will wear the creations.

From this intention, the universe delivered to me an opportunity to really produce pieces with deep meaning. In November of 2007, a member of Hilde Girls died suddenly and tragically in a car accident. She was only 17 years old. Her mother was also a member of this special group of women. We were all devastated. I created a pair of earrings for the mother called Helena's Wings in memory of her daughter. Everyone wanted a pair, so I decided to give back and after selling the 100th pair, I donated $1000 in Helena's name to the Invisible Children of Uganda, Africa - a charity close to this young girl's heart. I am now working on a line of jewelry in memory of Helena that will continue to donate to her cause and a new line of jewelry for Davis, another young man who died suddenly and tragically in 2007. Each line will donate money to the charity of each families choice. This brings true meaing to what I do and makes me feel like I am truly giving back to humanity in more than one way - through beauty and through service to those in need around the world.

To purchase Helena's Wings (pictured above) or other commemorative pieces, please visit my On-Line Shop.

My commemorative line will soon spin off into it's own little division called Living Legacy Commemorative Jewelry by Asia Wolf Jewelry & Design. I am also developing a fashion line called Asia Wolf Jewelry that I hope to be able to mass produce through a "fair trade" situation benefitting women in some part of the world. At the moment, there is a possibility of working with a village in Swaziland, Africa. I will just put it out there with intention that I will be guided to the right people and places in the right and divine time.

You can link from this site to my Etsy site and begin shopping at any time. Just click on "My Etsy Shop" in the Visit these Links section or go directly to

You can reach me directly through email at circleofstonesjewelry (at) if you have questions or would like to discuss a custom order or the design of a commemorative piece of jewelry for a departed loved one.

I receive great joy from talking with clients about what they desire in a special piece of jewelry.
So, please don't be shy. Contact me. My prices are quite reasonable and I will work with your budget.

Healing Blessings!
Asia Wolf