Friday, June 5, 2009

Austin Fashion Week 2009 July 13 - 19

Yeah! I was chosen as a competing jewelry designer in Austin's Fashion Week 2009!
You absolutely must attend my events and vote for me right now at this link:


Thank you so much! Voting for me is VERY IMPORTANT in this competition.

Check out my website for a list of events I am hosting the entire week. This is how it works.
I have to set up a jewelry boutique at Studio 563 during Fashion Week July 13 - 19th. I have to host events to draw in people to shop and vote for me. Sounds easy, but is quite a complex and expensive task to orchestrate especially when you have no budget for it.

Studio 563 is graciously hosting me during Fashion Week. They are located at 202 Colorado in the trendy 2nd St. District. I am so lucky to have such a great spot! I am required to set up a small boutique in their space the week of July 13th - 19th...which I am madly planning right now. This is like one of those "extreme" contests where you only have so much time to get it all together. Very nerve racking! Judges will be attending at least one of the events that week and judging my boutique space, my jewelry design, etc... I don't care much about that. I just want all of you to enjoy yourselves at the events, vote for me, and have fun shopping my jewelry collection.

Schedule of Events at Studio 563

*All events FREE to attend

Monday, July 13th - Discount Shopping Day #1
3PM - 8PM
  • Enjoy surprise discounts and door prizes

Tuesday, July 14th - Discount Shopping Day #2
3PM - 8PM
  • Enjoy more surprise discounts and door prizes

Wednesday, July 15th - Silent Auction and Fundraiser
3PM - 8PM
  • Bidding ends at 7:45PM

Thursday, July 16th - Latin Dance Night
6PM - 9PM
(note the time change)
  • If you want to experience a fun DJ dance party, come this night with friends!
  • Drinks, appetizers, dancing and jewelry shopping!

Friday, July 17th - Metaphysical Night
7PM - 10PM
  • Featuring Russell Forsyth on Crystal Bowls offering a Chakra Balancing Concert
  • Enjoy energetic healing sessions by Deborah Dahmen and Gab Espinosa, Astrology Readings by Jennifer Everett, Akashic Record Readings, Angel Readings by Christina Carlin, Massage and so much more!
  • And don't forget Circle of Stones Jewelry Shopping.
A night to feed the soul!

Saturday, July 18th - Jewelry Fashion Show
7PM - 10PM
  • Featuring my new Sacred Alchemy Collection and the clothing artistry of Jinxedaposed!
Don't miss the GRAND FINALE NIGHT!

Sunday, July 19th - Fashion Show Awards
5:30PM - 10PM
The Long Center
Visit for details and tickets!

Hope to see you at one of these events!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My creations are inspired by vision(s)...

I need to post more often....sorry about that! I have good intentions and then get sidetracked by life. I am starting this post but won't finish it until later today. I am already late for work! Yes, the plight of an artist that cannot sustain herself yet just through her art. However, this will soon not be the case. I have a PLAN!!!! (Don't we all!)

Okay, about the visions...well, just a few thoughts. Yes, I do believe most true artists have visions and are guided by these visions to create in the world. Some have auditory "visions" - others, like myself, have actual visions. I believe we are channeling the creative spirit. We are tapping into "all that is" and bringing forth beauty. How is it that I am able to create a piece for someone I have never met and it be the exact colors and design that resonant with their spirit? Coincidence? I think not. No such thing as coincidence. This universe is governed by the law of Cause and Effect.
Anyway....I will return to this thought hopefully later today.