Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Event!

Dear Mothers,

You are the peace and light of the world. You are ushering in the world peace so long spoken of in holy texts and prophecies around the world. Honor yourself, your mothers, and those before you. We join as sisters around the world to witness for each other the sacrifices, struggle, loss, grief, longing, healing, love and unity we all share.

I personally invite you to honor your day. Whether you have children or not, you are a mother.
I am hosting a special day for mothers on Saturday, May 9th at Harmony Balance Studio from 11AM - 5PM. Drop in any time. Address: 3321 Hancock Dr Austin 78731. Jewelry, angel readings, astrology readings, energetic healing sessions, life coaching, and gourmet chocolates - all for the enjoyment of your soul! Bring friends!