Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thank You to Everyone!!!

I survived Austin's first annual Fashion Week! Wow! What a learning experience it was. I am still recovering from all the sleep deprivation and sheer physical exhaustion.

Thank you to all you wonderful friends and devoted fans of Circle of Stones Jewelry who came out and supported me, voted for me, volunteered for me! I am so grateful! I am so appreciative of your loving and giving hearts!

I made some great contacts, received decent exposure, and met lots of new friends who will probably become loving fans of my jewelry creations. It is all worth it when someone finds a piece that they just love and can't be without. Each piece is its own work of art. I don't repeat my designs so each piece is as individual as the person admiring it. I just love that. Each piece knows its owner. No kidding! The piece will pick you! Just ask my devoted followers. They have all experienced being picked! It's a special moment.

I have launched some new activities...visit my website a www.circleofstonesjewelry.com to learn more in the News & Events section.

If you have a lead or connection in a boutique, store, or salon that you believe would be interested in carrying my work, let me know. I will send you a FREE gift for any leads or referrals that bloom into something fruitful! I like to take care of the clients who take care of