Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My creations are inspired by vision(s)...

I need to post more often....sorry about that! I have good intentions and then get sidetracked by life. I am starting this post but won't finish it until later today. I am already late for work! Yes, the plight of an artist that cannot sustain herself yet just through her art. However, this will soon not be the case. I have a PLAN!!!! (Don't we all!)

Okay, about the visions...well, just a few thoughts. Yes, I do believe most true artists have visions and are guided by these visions to create in the world. Some have auditory "visions" - others, like myself, have actual visions. I believe we are channeling the creative spirit. We are tapping into "all that is" and bringing forth beauty. How is it that I am able to create a piece for someone I have never met and it be the exact colors and design that resonant with their spirit? Coincidence? I think not. No such thing as coincidence. This universe is governed by the law of Cause and Effect.
Anyway....I will return to this thought hopefully later today.


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