Saturday, March 14, 2009

Place Order for Your SXSW Pendants!

Hey everyone!

Look at what I just created!!!! A unique, one-of-a-kind Pendant for SXSW! If you love SXSW or you have a friend that absolutely loves SXSW, then you need to place your order for these pendants. Each pendant is unique, lettering in Sterling Silver, pendant frame is silver-plated. Comes on a black silk rope. 18 inches long. I hand-make/hand-set/hand-glaze each one so you won't get it before SXSW is over this year, but you will have it for next year or to wear year around and promote SXSW.

You can also send me a digital photo of what you would like as the background - I will set it in with the SXSW lettering. For example, a photo of your band, film, friends, business, etc. However, it must be sent in the EXACT dimensions I specify. I can only print black and white and spot color the photo. If you want full color - have the photo reduced on photo paper to the EXACT dimensions I require and drop it in the regular mail (snail mail). Please do not print on ink jet as the color will bleed during the glazing process. I will need you to send me at least 3 copies by snail mail - just in case something goes wrong during the glazing process. And please DO NOT send me an original of any photo.

Send me an email with your contact info that you are interested in placing an order for your SXSW pendant. I will contact you with the details. I do take most major credit cards.

Cost: $68

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