Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another Valentine's Jewelry Show!

Hey gals and guys who love to adorn yourselves with jewelry!

I am having another jewelry show to celebrate Valentine's Day because I LUV Valentine's Day! Why do I love it's MY BIRTHDAY! I know I was born on a special day so I celebrate it! Join me in my celebrations and purchase something special for yourself on this day. Or send that "hunk 'o burning love of yours" and I will help him pick out something you will love.

This time it will be held in Round Rock, Texas at Olivia's Salon...just a few blocks off Main Street.
411 Lampasas, Round Rock, TX 78664 from 10AM to 1PM.

If you bring a friend, you and your friend will receive 15% off your most expensive item. Now that's a deal!

I also love hosting private showings for my if you are interested in having a show at your home, your office, a coffee shop, a Ladies Night, me and let's set up a date. You will receive a FREE custom piece as a thank you for hosting or 10% of sales to go towards the purchase of any jewelry of your choice.

My speciality is creating custom pieces for my clients. If you are needing a special design for a certain occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc. - contact me and let's discuss the beautiful creative possibilities.

All my pieces are created with healing intentions and infused with light and love.

Healing Blessings!

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