Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am Grateful Today!

Yes, I am grateful today! I had just had a conversation with God earlier today asking why in 3 years of being on Etsy I had not sold one dang thing! I just asked that my work be covered in light and love and attract people who want to buy my creations. And guess what? I checked my Etsy a little while ago and I had made my first sale!!!! Yea!

Being grateful is a magical thing. The more grateful you are for what you have the more you receive...or so it seems.

The piece I sold was called "Bow in Prayer" - a Tibetan brass pendant accented in red crystals. Not a coincidence. It was a God thing...he threw me a bone so that I would not get discouraged. I am very, very joyful for the opportunity to sell my creative work to the world. It was a gift given me by God and I don't want to hide it or be ashamed of it thinking I am not good enough.

Yes, there are amazing artists out there - way better than me - but that does not in any way reduce the value or quality of my pieces...they are made with heart and spirit and that may be what makes my work draw people in.

Have a grateful and gratitude filled day!
Healing Blessings!

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