Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Benefits of Wearing Quartz Crystal

Hello friends,

Today we are going to learn about Quartz Crystal. One of my favorite stones! It is a Crown Chakra stone. Actually, you can use it for any Chakra to balance and clear. Actually, you can use it to balance and clear anything! It is quite a versatile stone. There is much history about quartz. Too much to discuss in this forum. However, we would not be in the tech age without it. Computers exist because of quartz. How do you think all this data gets transferred so quickly and instantly around the world? Yep, quartz crystals!

And the Atlantians knew this. They used quartz to store information...lots of it. It is said that Atlantis was one of the most advanced civilizations to ever exist. Even by modern standards they were way ahead of us in their understanding of energetics and the use of crystals. Massive crystals located around the city were used for transferring information, transportation, and even mind control. Apparently, the fall of Atlantis occurred because they misused their power...they misused the gifts of mother nature against their own - other humans. Slavery existed - but in a more advanced state than how we know it through our history books. The peasant classes were mentally controlled by crystal energetics. Of course, this is all speculation and there are many other Atlantian mythologies that exist. Before the fall, it is said that those with knowledge were warned of the fall so they began to store all human knowledge in crystals which were then scattered all over the world during the destruction of Atlantis. You can find Atlantian crystals even to day. Just visit a metaphysical rock shop and ask if they carry any. They will not think you are weird. Lol! But don't go into a regular rock shop and ask...those people might think you are a bit strange.

Quartz can be programmed. This is how computers are "programmed." By programmed, I mean that you can set your intentions into quartz crystal or download energetic information into your quartz crystal. That's for another blog entry, though.

When I design pieces in quartz crystal, I first clear the quartz of previous owners, energies, and so forth. Then I program in or put my intentions into the piece for love, light, healing, harmony and peace. When you purchase a piece of quartz or jewelry made with quartz, you can clear and re-program it with your own intentions. I would highly recommend this especially if you know nothing of the designer or history of the piece.

The photo of the earrings you see above were created with quartz crystal rounds and copper. I love using copper. It is a healing metal and enhances the energies of any stones it is paired with. I think copper and crystal look great together. These earrings were programmed to bring balance and clarity to the wearer. Visit my Etsy Shop to purchase.

Healing Blessings!

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