Monday, March 28, 2011

Host a Jewelry Circle

Do you enjoy hanging out with your friends at a coffee shop or other favorite laid-back venue? And do you also love jewelry? Cool jewelry? One-of-a-Kind jewelry that people comment on when you wear it? If so, you would enjoy hosting a Jewelry Circle for your friends.

It's simple and you get Free and Discounted jewelry, too!

Call me and we will book a date that works for you. You can choose a location. Your home, a coffee shop, restaurant, place of work, conference room, outdoors at a park...I am flexible and my jewelry is too. It goes anywhere...almost...maybe not underwater...but, you know what I mean. Then invite whoever you want to invite - especially those that love jewelry.

Anyway, here is what I gift you with for hosting a Jewelry Circle:

1. 50% off a pair of earrings for booking
2. $25 Jewelry Voucher the day of your Jewelry Circle
3. If Jewelry Circle sales are $250 or more, you receive another $25 Jewelry Voucher

So, you can potentially get the jewelry you love for FREE or drastically reduced! The vouchers can also be used towards a custom piece. And you get to have some laid back fun with your girlie friends. I do make men's jewelry so if you want to invite your hot guy friends, I'm there with the leather and the hemp to make your men happy! lol!

Jewelry Circles can be as sacred and meditative as you would like or light and breezy. You decide. If you would like to donate your vouchers towards a cause, I will do that, too!

Call now to set up a date (512-576-5297). These Jewelry Circles are great for networking, Ladie's Nights, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, to entertain family when they come to visit, Dinner Parties, and just to have fun with friends!

Healing Blessings!

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