Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vintage Design: All the Rage

Yes, I too have jumped on the vintage look design wagon. The combination of natural stones, crystals and vintage metals...yum! OMG! I just can't help myself. What is it with vintage at the moment? Here are my thoughts.

I think that as a humanity, we are wishing for simpler times of old. With a fast paced, stressed, technology driven society, sometimes just craving the old and familiar is comforting. Simple things bring comfort. Seeing an old key, a rusted door nail - just takes you back to another time. A time of no computers, cell phones, iPads...a time of rest. It reminds you of grandma or great grandma. Those regal and strong ladies who always looked so feminine and delicate and proper. The jewelry they wore was not new. It was usually an heirloom piece handed down from mother to daughter over the generations. Each piece had history and meaning and a story.

For those of you who have pieces like that, treasure them. If they are broken and in need of repair, repair them. If you would like to re-fashion an old piece into something that is wearable for today, give me a call and we can set up a private session to design you a special piece that incorporates your story, your history, your family.

And for those who may not have had such a long family history of heirloom jewelry being passed down to you, there is much to choose from in pieces being designed today that you may one day pass down to your children and their children.

Visit my Etsy Shop to find a piece that is right for you!

Healing Blessings!

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